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Gunther ~ miniature schnauzerMiniature Schnauzer, GretchenGunther (left) and Gretchen (right). Gunther won the March 2010 PetStress.com Blog Contest!

Here's what their owner, Debbie, had to say: "Gunther came into our lives as a birthday present on a beautiful Sunday morning in December 2008. Ted Smith of TLC Schnauzers, Cross Plains, Tennessee called in late November to say that he was coming to Florida to deliver some Miniature Schnauzers to new homes and he had one more left. Were we interested?

"We had been talking about getting another Schnauzer from Ted to keep Gretchen, our beautiful black Schnauzer, some company during the day but before we had made a decision, Ted called us! Gretchen was 9 months old at the time and with the economy beginning to tighten, I was not sure if the timing was right but after the 3rd call from Ted, we knew that we were the ones meant to take the little Schnauzer without a home.

"Our lives changed the day Ted came to our door with our new Schnauzer! I looked into the pet carrier and fell in love with our new puppy at first glance! Gretchen was with us and she took over as soon as Gunther walked out of the carrier. Gunther not only had a new playmate but a new mother!

Gunther and Gretchen ~ two miniature schnauzers "Gunther’s favorite activities are playing with Gretchen and following me around the house with every step I make, never giving me that Schnauzer look, no matter how many times I go up and down the stairs in our townhome. Gunther also loves to race Gretchen to the 3rd floor, although he does not always win!

"Gunther makes us smile on a daily basis with his funny antics. Sometimes it is as simple as the way he sits and looks at us as he did in the winning photo. He is extremely smart and he and Gretchen are like two little kids as they each try to get us to pay more attention to one over the other! The bottom line is that they both give us that infamous "unconditional love" that only pets can give their owners."
Regards, Debbie

Miniature Schnauzer, KallieMiniature Schnauzer, KallieHere she is. We are the couple from Mississippi who came about this time last year to pick up Kallie – these were taken last week at the beach.
Stuart and Kallie




Miniature SchnauzerHi Ted,
Great hearing from you.  I am sorry I missed your phone call - this morning I was at training classes - and this afternoon - for my 25th anniversary we got an above ground pool - it has been 2 weeks and the installation is a nightmare - from the incompetence of the installers to the non-show of personnel - unfortunately - we gave them half of the money - it is 33' above ground round pool - the "deluxe package" - well - they are missing pieces - there is a dent in the side - the standards are not vertical (can see ice breaking them in the winter), wrinkles in the pool bottom - I definitely do not recommend every using the Cool Springs Pool place.  The pool still is not completed!  Back to our boy!! 
I named him Der Zaubertrank (which means magic potion) Gunter.

Miniature SchnauzerGunter is doing great - he loves training, he is great riding in the car either in a crate or in his booster seat wearing a seatbelt harness, he is great going for 2 miles walks in the state park heeling along next to me - he acknowledges strangers, but there is no question he is a trained dog as he politely sits next to my side, and will not take food from strangers (I did not teach him this - he is just really a great dog).   I am really enjoying him and appreciate your letting me have him.  He got his Rally title in 3 straight shows and the only points lost were my handler errors!  I had planned on showing him this summer and "family stuff" came up so I did not make the shows that I had him entered in.  I am planning on showing him this fall in Novice B.  Right now he is picking up his dumbbell and bringing it back to me.  I have started working on the directed retrieve with the gloves with him.  Gunter is a very compact, solid dog.  Red faced here - I cannot find his title pictures - when I find them - I will send them to you.  I had Deidre take some pictures of him when I was training him today - one is of him going over a practice jump, the other is his retrieving his dumbbell.   I am going to see if we can figure our how to U-Tube a training session with his heeling - if we do - will send that to you.  He is really sharp and quick on his sits. We will keep you updated as he gets more titles!  I really love him!  It is great to have a dog that loves to train with me!  Bobbi Burns  P.S. - He is not neutered - he just wouldn't be Gunter!  He is really on his toes!


Miniature Schnauzer, Mason and ThorMiniature Schnauzer, Mason and ThorHi Ted and Lynne,
Attached are a couple of photos of Mason and Thor. We named Mason after the Nashville Predators' goalie Chris Mason, and Thor because of Jim's Scandinavian ancestry.  The boys seem happy and are doing well in their new surroundings. They like to romp in the back yard, and spend quite a bit of time jumping on each other trying to get the better of each other. We are letting them work this out, while at the same time letting them know we are the alphas in this family. They seem to understand that for about 5 seconds, which seems to be their attention span limit at the moment....haha. We love the babies and are so happy to have them in our home. Thank you for all of your help, and we will keep you posted on their progress, Linda


Miniature Schnauzer, ScarlettMiniature Schnauzer, ScarlettHey Ted,
Just wanted to send you a picture of Scarlett,
let you know she fine and how big she is getting.
She rotten to the core! Patty




Miniature Schnauzer, Lillie & BellaHi Ted,
Here is a recent photo of Lillie and Bella. They are both over 10 lbs and are doing well. They continue to bring joy to our family. Separation is not in the picture for these two. They always are aware of what the other is doing. They eat, sleep and play together. Our groomer really loves them and always states that they are such good girls. Training was never an issue with them as they are very smart and learn quickly. Hope all is going well you. Take care! Louis and Laina


Dear Ted, The adorable puppy I made part of my family is now two, and I just had to write to tell you what a joy he has been. He's a wonderful companion and an excellent conversationalist (he says,"mom"); how can I not love that! He loves to accompany me on errands, knows several pet stores by sight, and announces himself upon arrival. Everyone who meets him says he's absolutely adorable-I'm not exaggerating. Even my mother in law, who previously did not allow dogs in the house, readily invites him in, and doesn't mind if he sits on the couch! Lawson won my husband's heart within weeks, and actually thinks he's my husband's dog. He sits next to him on the couch, and sleeps on his side of the bed. We've taken him on long trips, and he's an excellent traveller. Of course, he charms hotel staff and other guests he encounters.

I could probably go on, but I'll end by saying that he has made our household a funnier, zanier, and more interesting place. Sincerely, Holly


Miniature Schnauzer, Little BitMiniature Schnauzer, Little BitHi Ted, I just wanted to write to you to let you know how good our Little Bit is doing and tell you Thank You so much. I didn't think I would get another dog when I lost my Elvis 3 years ago (also a schnauzer) but when I seen our Little Bit I just couldn't help but love him so much. I have attached some pictures of him growing up for you. Also, Bryan and I wanted to thank you for the phone calls to check up on him.
I am now thinking about getting a little girl since I have a house full of boys!! Misty


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