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Nutrition for your Miniature Schnauzer
General Health & Nutrition as Applied to the Miniature Schnauzer

Since the metabolism rate differs from breed to breed, applying the most needed nutrients in a well balanced formula will be tantamount in retaining or developing the best of health for each breed. For example a Pomeranian needs a much higher protein level than a Miniature Schnauzer. There have been (not confirmed or experienced) reports of some weakness of Miniature Schnauzers where high protein levels exist. The same analogy exist in pancreases problems due to high fat. We have had in ten years of breeding, no adverse problems with pancreas or liver issues. Many adult Miniature Schnauzers need a maximum of 22% protein with a fat content of no more than 14%. Obviously all non-shedding canines need larger amounts of omegas 3 and 6 in their diet. A lamb formula (meat first of course) will provide more essential oils and vitamins then a chicken protein formula.

Please refer to our rather extensive Dog Food Grading Chart for additional information.

NuVet states that with all its antioxidants and other herbs and nutrients NuVet Plus will strengthen the immune system and can actually add years to your best friend's life. We love animals and we know you love them too! Unfortunately, the majority of dogs and cats are not receiving a complete, healthy diet and many become ill and die prematurely. NuVet Labs scientists, veterinarians and formulators began with the premise that most pet diets are lacking the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



Hi Ted,

We bought our pup Zoey from you in February of 2011. You were kind enough, four to five weeks ago, to provide us with advice regarding alopecia when our local vet and Vet school didn't seem to have the answers. We discussed the situation of her scratching and hair loss which began in the fall. At your suggestion I reviewed her food history and found we had inadvertently given her a wheat/grain containing food until January. You suggested a Nutro product as well as NuVet Plus and 3cc of cod liver oil on alternate days. She has completely cleared up. Her hair has grown back, her scratching has dramatically diminished, the dandruff has resolved and her coat looks terrific. She is leaving oily spots on her favorite places to curl up. I presume we should continue the NuVet Plus forever as well as the Nutro food. Do we keep up the cod liver oil at this dose forever or should we taper to a lower level or a different product. My son has a chocolate lab and they just toss her a capsule a day of fish oil which seems to work for them. Zoey is having no problem taking the cod liver oil. We appreciate any advice you have.

Thanks so much for your help,

Kent Wilson

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