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Hi Ted,

Stellar Stella Standard SchnauzerOnce my husband and I decided to acquire a new dog, we researched quite a few different breeds. We live in the country, our driveway is 0.75 miles long, and we were interested in an active, intelligent dog that would enjoy the outdoor life and would also appreciate relaxing by the fire with us on long winter evenings. A breed with a reputation for robust health, loyalty and emotional stability was important, too.

A standard schnauzer met all criteria. Another plus is that we like the schnauzer look, having raised a miniature (now 14 years old). One challenge with finding standards is that they don't seem to be as popular as minis and giants. We were happy to find a breeder in Tennessee, TLC Schnauzers, and were thrilled with the care that owner Ted Smith takes with his dogs. We settled on a distinctive salt and pepper female and named her Stella, for Stella Kowalski in the Tennessee Williams play.

Stella has been with us for just over a month, and is already one of the family. She is a smart, energetic dog whose favorite activity is running madly about playing with her sock toys and whose mission in life is to pack as many adventures into one day as possible. Happily, her considerable energy and will are tempered by her desire to please. In fact, she was housetrained in one week, and learned to sit, stay and come when called after 20 day! One very happy surprise was her sleeping through her first night at home in her crate.

Regarding Stella's physical fitness, our vet confirmed what we had observed in all the dogs at TLC Schnauzers: she is in excellent health. We could not be more pleased, in every way, and look forward to many happy times with our stellar Stella. She is precisely what we had in mind.

Holly Hunter

My husband and I recently purchased a standard schnauzer from TLC Schnauzers in Cross Plains, Tennessee. Having thoroughly researched the breed, we thought we knew exactly what we were getting before deciding to add this puppy to our family. We have now had our “Gunny” for about 5 weeks and are amazed daily at his ability to learn and mostly to love. Our plan was to work with him to move him toward being a therapy dog. We definitely chose the right breed and the right puppy.

As a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse I know firsthand the difference a therapy dog can make in the life of a sick child. I have seen many different breeds come through our unit and patiently sit at the bedside of a child, none of those have been standard schnauzers. I have seen the light shine in a child’s eyes as they reached out to pet and hug these hard working animals. These precious animals lay their heads on the child’s bed and offer themselves up, willing to give whatever they can to brighten the day for our patients. I have seen tears in the eyes of their owners as they watched on, not knowing if this child may be here when they brought their precious pet back to visit again. I have seen that the staff on the unit need this therapy as much as the patients and after the therapy encounter are able to take a deep breath, smile and carry on with their day with a renewed sense of joy, peace and determination. I want that for Gunny and I want that for my husband and I. There can be no greater gift than giving joy to a sick child and the people that care for them.

Our Gunny, even at his young age, has shown his talents of being a "doctor dog." He instinctively knows if you are sad, hurting or injured. He snuggles close and is just happy to be there at your side ready for a pat on the head or a hug. Sometimes he may softly pat you with his paw. He amuses by tilting his head right and left as you talk to him, seemingly understanding everything you secretly share with him. He is far more animated than most therapy dogs I have had the privilege to know. He is amazing and I have no doubt that with proper training he will be one of the finest therapy dogs Children’s Hospital has ever seen.

I truly believe that the standard schnauzer because of their size (most therapy dogs in our unit have been very large such as Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs) will be less likely to intimidate those children who might be a bit wary of one of the larger breeds. Besides, who can resist the flop eared fuzzy face of a schnauzer? I believe there is a great need for therapy dogs to be present every day because I have seen the difference in patients and staff after their visits (we usually only see them about once per week.)

It is my and my husband’s mission to train our sweet Gunny to spread his love around and to bring joy in the hospital setting. The same kind of joy he brings to us each and every day as we watch his antics and watch him play and grow. We have a long way to go but with some guidance, training and help, we’ll get there. We’ll be proud to be a part of the great therapy dog family.

Sue Ann Derrick

July 31, 2017
To: Ted & Lynne

Our family has had 5 mini Schnauzers over the years and Max, our current mini is 13.They have been wonderful dogs, healthy, energetic and easy to housebreak and train. For the most part, the mini’s have been my wife’s. I have had 3 Labs and I love a Lab. Katy, my most recent Lab was put down mid May 2014. After much discussion, we decided to scale down and since we loved our mini’s, we elected to pursue a Standard Schnauzer, preferably black. We quickly found out that they are not as plentiful as the mini’s. We were fortunate to locate a Black Standard at TLC Schnauzers. They had a 5 week old litter and we traveled to Tennessee in mid June 2014. We picked up an adorable 10 week old black male puppy and we named him Sparky.

We have been associated with Paws for Friendship Inc. (PAWs) a Therapy Pet organization since 2004. Both Katy & Max were certified Therapy Dogs. Max with my wife, visits 2 nursing homes weekly. Katy & I visited schools and Community Centers regularly, mainly outside activities.

Once back in Sumter, I immediately began training and socializing Sparky. Sparky was easily trainable and did not have the stubborn streak Labs sometimes demonstrate. By 9 months, Sparky had completed the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and we registered him with PAWs. Sparky has been a perfect Therapy Dog and together we make a good team. We regularly visit Special Ed Students in 7 schools and after school programs at 6 Community Centers. In total, we have visited 35 facilities in the last 2 years. Sparky is also certified in The Paws to Read Program and today we were at the Library with 27 kids and they took turns reading, petting and walking him.

Sparky and I met with the County Solicitor recently and we discussed using Therapy Dog’s with crime victims. The Solicitor liked what we had to offer and we are now on call to assist the victim advocates if they feel meeting with Sparky can benefit the victim.

We have developed a Safety Presentation, we cover 10 things what not to do with dogs and 7 things what to do. After we complete this, the youth are allowed to pet Sparky and walk him around an obstacle course that I set up. We started this presentation in July 2015 and to date it has been given to 2080 students. Sparky is with me 90% of the time and it is wonderful meeting the kids that know Sparky. I was going into a restaurant recently and a young girl coming out exclaimed "you’re the man with the dog". It’s times like this that make it worthwhile.

Sparky has received AKC’s highest award for Therapy Dog’s, his title is Distinguished Therapy Dog, this requires 400 recorded visits. His AKC title is "Sparky Von Phantom, THDD, CGC".

I cannot say enough about TLC Schnauzers, Ted & Lynne. The puppy we got from them is AWESOME. If you want to see Sparky working, search "Therapy Dogs Sumter". Select the one that says Sparky or Veteran

Dennie & Cathy Sides

TLC Schnauzers provided us with our sweet little baby Alby, a Standard Schnauzer. Although we have only had her a little over a month, it is clear what a smart dog she is. As a Type One Diabetic, I had been searching for a dog to aid me in living a healthier life. We have started training Alby to sense my low and high blood sugars. On top of it all, she is such a fun, bundle of energy. Taking her for walks and playing with her has increased my own exercise time, which only betters my health. I would recommend a Standard Schnauzer to just about anyone. Alby is hypoallergenic which is fantastic for my allergies, and she is really great with other people and dogs! I will be forever grateful to Ted and TLC Schnauzers for providing such a wonderful addition to my family.

Abigail Beckerman

We purchased Rex from Ted Smith at TLC Schnauzers, and could not be happier with our decision. This wonderful dog came to us as billed; smart as a whip, healthy not only in appearance but verified and backed by our veterinarian, and highly trainable. When we received Rex late in 2015, he was no more than an 8-lb. ball of fur, curious and playful. In the nearly two years at the time of this writing in Oct 2017 he has transformed into a highly functioning 45-lb. PTSD service dog for my daughter. It is an incredible if not awe-inspiring event at times to watch this dog function. This dog, and I suspect this breed in general, dedicates it every muscle and action to serve its purpose whether that purpose be running, agility, working, or simply playing. As a working service dog, Rex has given parts of my daughter’s life back in terms of being able to function in the outside world, being able to venture into the public space to do simple things like shopping for groceries without anxiety and fear. Though as a service dog, he has not been trained to protect, his fierce loyalty to her leads me to believe that it would be unwise to attempt to assault her. At his 45-lbs., his brute strength and will has the ability to put a grown man in a corner and keep him there and his above average intelligence knows when he should do so. Unmatched in kindness, he knows how to play with kids, and find that person in need of attention if needed. His unparalleled ability to tune in to my daughter and her needs is uncanny.

Hank Petrig Standard Schnauzer As I have mentioned earlier, the intended function of a dog will often dictate what type of dog will be best for you; for us it is the Standard Schnauzer. Here is a partial list of things this dog can do and perform, some for work, some for play and many of these both by verbal command and hand signals close and from distance:

Sit, stay, lay down, roll over, give a high five, shake hands, jump, turn on a light (press button lights), clear a room, watch your back, que when someone approaches from behind or sides, block sit or block stand in all directions, retrieve dropped items, retrieve medicines from a known location, detect and interrupt impending and growing anxiety, wake you from a nightmare, become part of your world before you realize you need it, push you away from a bad situation, vocalize on request, pull, heel left, heel right, heel sit when stopped, heel stand when stopped, get small when needed, part your legs looking front or back while sitting or standing ( the dog sitting or standing), down stay (while in classes at college), go under (lay down under a chair or table in a restaurant or other similar location), stay at a dropped leash, use the bathroom on command, que up when he needs the bathroom. These are just a few of the functions he does well.

For my daughter and the intended reason for our purchase, I can’t imagine a better fit. However, I would feel remis and it would not be totally fair to the breed if I don’t at least issue a few warnings. This breed is not for everyone as it needs to be active both physically and mentally every day. Almost every “bad dog” story with this breed involves a failure to do one or both of these things. Left to its own devices this dog will get bored and make up its own events and agenda; you must take charge or it will quickly train you. Access to open spaces almost daily is a must, a dog park to run in, dogs to socialize with are also a must.

Lastly a good trainer is always worth every penny paid, especially if they know Schnauzers. I have met trainers of dogs who said our Schnauzer wouldn’t make a good service dog, after we dropped them and found the right trainer, our dog started to blossom and has become more than we ever dreamed for our daughter. We were blessed to find Tammy Nugent, owner of Kentucky Working K9 Academy out of Leitchfield Kentucky (270) 259 3647. We made the 200-mile round trip once a week for a little over 3 months to train the dog and be trained on how to train the dog with glowing results. As with all things your mileage may vary.

Bottom line, The Standard Schnauzer will give you everything and more that you put into it. If our REX is indicative of the typical animal you will get from TLC Schnauzers then in my opinion you can’t go wrong. If you are now convinced more than ever to buy a Standard Schnauzer then call Ted Smith today.

If you are serious about an inquiry, have questions on my experiences or with this testimonial, then feel free to call me during business hours. I will speak to my experiences only. Keep in mind I am not a dog expert or professional of any sort in the dog breeding and training arenas, just a person with a need that has ended with a very good result.

Hank Petrig

Evansville In

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